Write for IPPR

This year’s journal theme is “the ramifications of the COVID- 19 pandemic”. While the writers for the journal have already been finalised, you may still contribute towards the blog and/or podcast.

Who Can Contribute?

While priority will be given to those belonging to the UCL community, essentially anyone can contribute, even if they aren’t students/ alumni/ staff of UCL. Whether you are a scholar, student, policy maker or researcher, the IPPR provides you with the opportunity to publish your work. Your article must simply be related to/ about a contentious issue within the sphere of politics, more particularly that of International Public Policy.

Blog article guidelines:

  • Can be on any issue related to politics,
  • Can be argumentative, Op-ed style and/ or academic,
  • Word count: approx 800 to 1500,
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced,
  • All blogs to be submitted as a google docs with editing rights given
  • All blogs are to be submitted via the following link: https://forms.gle/GQfeS7jAHqScuukW7
  • For additional information/ queries please email ipprwriters@gmail.com. Please note: we will not be accepting blog submissions via email

Podcast guidelines:

  • Can be on any issue related to politics,
  • To submit a podcast we would need the voice recording,
  • Voice recordings can be sent as a zoom voice recording link or through any other website,
  • Please send all voice recordings to ipprwriters@gmail.com
  • For additional information/ queries please email ipprwriters@gmail.com

Additional Information

Word limits are not 100% strict, so if you have something close enough send it in, but do try to stick to them where possible! If you have a piece that is much longer but you think is great, get in touch with us anyway and we’ll consider it.

Submissions will be accepted throughout the academic year. We plan to adjourn activities by mid-June, however this is tentative and we may extend the period.