Editorial Board 2016-2017

Roshika Deo (President)
James Bailey (Vice President)
Simone Rensch Nielsen (Head of Editorial)
Islam Abushaiba (Deputy Head of Editorial)
Tanya Gryukova (Head of Events)
Anirudh Menon (Communication Manager)
Frederico Mollet (Submissions Manager)
Shuting Xia (Online Content Manager)
Ella Bowie (Section Editor)
Tim Falder (Section Editor)
Sophie Iliffe (Section Editor)
Wendy Lovinger (Section Editor)
Kate Regan (Section Editor)
Arianna Rotulo (Section Editor)
Chung Ah Baek (Editorial)
Nina Fabsikova (Editorial)
Julien George (Editorial)
Jens Hellinghausen (Editorial)
Bronwen James Crowther (Editorial)
Kirstin Jones (Editorial)
Yonji Kim (Editorial)
Ting Li (Editorial)
Ariane Maixandeau (Editorial)
Stefano Merio (Editorial)
Kathryn Meyer (Editorial)
Olivia Nouaihetas-Baneth (Editorial)
Lubos Pernis (Editorial)
Alessandra Pulzella (Editorial)
Sicong Xu (Editorial)
Michelle Stone (Editorial)
Mackenzie Deary (Events)
Sara Juriks (Events)
Meet Kaul (Events)
Tone Langengen (Events)
Josie Newman (Events)
Jonathan Parker (Events)
Aqiyla R Watson (Events)
Ioana Badea (Communications)
Catherine Dawkins (Communications)
Roisin Wickham (Communications)