Vol. 1, No. 1 – Sept 2005


  • Is the Allocation of UK Development Aid Driven by Good Governance. Timothy Stern. Download and read more (250kb/pdf)
  • The External Accountability Gap of Private Regulators: Accountability Paradoxes and Mitigation Strategies. The Case of Credit Rating AgenciesMarc Robi Das Gupta+ Download and read more (776kb/pdf)

Essays & Notes

  • Form vs. Function: Prospects for Convergence in Global Corporate Governance RegimesJonathan C. Bond Download and read more (157kb/pdf)
  • Secularism: Liberalism’s Achilles Heel at the ‘End of History’Ploutarchos Evlogimenos. Download and read more (121kb/pdf)
  • The European Commission as an Agenda-Setter: Lessons from and Limitations of Formal AnalysisDaniela Ulicna. Download and read more (127kb/pdf)
  • Can National Executives Use IMF Conditionality as Leverage for Domestic Bargaining? Argentinean National Executive and Provincial Negotiations for the IMF’s Financial Shield in November 2000Andres Tacsir. Download and read more (324kb/pdf)
  • Power vs. Pride: U.S. Policy Toward Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions Iyanuloluwa Adewuya Download and read more (131kb/pdf)

Editorial Board, Volume 1

  • Iyanuloluwa Adewuya, MSc International Public Policy
  • Fay Aubrey, MSc International Public Policy
  • Jonathan Bond, MSc Public Policy
  • Plouto Evlogimenos, MSc International Public Policy
  • Matteo Gori, MSc International Public Policy
  • Cordelia Hamed, MSc International Public Policy
  • Sarah McLaughlin, MSc European Public Policy
  • Jo Setters, MSc International Public Policy
  • Maurice Wong, MSc Public Policy