Issue 2019


Please download the 2018–2019 issue of the International Public Policy Review.

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Please see below for individual articles of the 2018–2019 issue.


Kathryn Ravey – Rebuilding the Foundations: Exploring Socio-Economic Justice within Northern Ireland’s Reconciliation Efforts Download

Brooke Collins – A Horror Tale of Male Entitlement: Jack the Ripper and ‘his’ Shadow, the Incel Movement Download

Javier de Belaunde – Do you see the rainbow? Struggle and Resistance to the Recognition of Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in Peru Download

Detmer Yens Kremer – The Effectiveness of National Human Rights Institutions: The Australian Human Rights Commission and Immigration Detention Centres Download


Marco Segna – Ensuring the health of the United Kingdom Insurance Sector Download

Markus Kollberg – ‘Politics of Resentment’ in ‘places that don’t matter’ – A comparison of Wisconsin and East Germany Download

Milan Urbaník – An Empirical analysis of in-work poverty in Slovakia Download

Climate Change

Amelie Bahr – A case of ‘pending responsibility’: Arctic indigenous communities, loss and damage, and global governance  Download

Haylie Page – The Role of Global Civil Society in Improving Corporate Accountability for Air Pollution Download

Julia Amann – ‘Growing out’ of degrowth: assessing degrowth as a solution for climate change Download


Henri Mütschele – Bridging Civic Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Constitutional Patriotism – In the Defence of Citizenship Tests Download

Marieta Valdivia-Lefort – Migration, Freedom of Movement, and Social Justice: Does the ‘brain drain’ effect justify restrictions on immigration? Download


Emily Canny – Shamima Begum: Mass Media’s Agenda-Setting Power and ISIS Repatriation Policy in the United Kingdom Download

Ho Chun Wong – Nationalism Unchallenged: How liberal media as public diplomacy backfired in the context of Chinese online nationalism Download