University of Warwick Plant-Based Motion Narrowly Fails, Despite Constant Sabotage By University Committee

After consistent misrepresentation by, and opposition from, official committees the plant-based motion to transition all university catering facilities to a just and sustainable plant-based catering at The University of Warwick still drew nearly 40% of the vote.
Photo source: Some of the plant-based Warwick team during an outreach session

The Quebec Debate: Group vs. Individual Rights

Although French is not a threatened language globally, it is a contentious issue in Quebec. Often, Quebec’s exercise of its right to preserve its French identity has conflicted with Canadian favour of individual rights over group rights. This article looks at both sides of the group versus individual rights debate in Quebec.
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Plant-Based Universities Campaigners Drop Banners at University of Exeter Highlighting Climate Crisis

At 11:00 this morning (11th June, 2022) students from University of Exeter dropped banners reading “Meat & Dairy = Climate Crisis” at important university buildings.
University Students are encouraged to attend a free, 3 day long, Plant-based University Summer Camp from July 22nd-24th to grow this campaign to more universities across the UK.
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The Controversy over Religious Freedoms in India: A Major Diplomatic Fail for Delhi

Following controversial remarks about Prophet Muhammad by a spokesperson for the ruling government in India, the Arab World has expressed grave outrage. The bilateral relations between India and its Gulf partners are sensitive following this diplomatic breach.
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